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Re-Seal Bags 38um Polly bags  
1.5x2 inch 6x4 inch  
2x3 inch 8x4 inch  
4x3 inch 9x5 inch  
5x3 inch 9x6 inch  
4x5 inch 9x7 inch  
6x4 inch 10x8 inch  
8x5 inch 12x7 inch  
8x6 inch 12x8 inch  
6x9 inch 12x10 inch  
8x10 inch 13x9 inch  
10x12 inch 14x7 inch  
12x8 inch 14x10 inch  
12x9 inch 15x8 inch  
13x7 inch 15x9 inch  
13x9 inch 15x10 inch  
13x13 inch 16x9 inch  
15x9 inch 16x10 inch  
15x12 inch 16x12 inch  
14x16 inch 18x10 inch  
  18x12 inch  
50um Polly bags 20x10 inch  
5x3 inch 20x12 inch  
6x4  inch 20x14 inch  
11x3 inch 24x12 inch  
7x4.5 inch 24x14 inch  
8x5 inch 24x12 inch  
9x5 inch 24x14 inch  
6x9 inch 24x18 inch  
9x7 inch 26x16 inch  
10x8 inch 30x20 inch  
12x6 inch 30x18 inch  
12x8 inch 36x20 inch  
13x7 inch 36x27 inch  
14x10  inch    
15x9 inch  100 um Polly bags  
16x9 inch 8x5 inch  
16x12 inch 8x6 inch  
18x12 inch 9x6 inch  
24x12 inch 10x6 inch  
24x14 inch 10x8 inch  
26x16 inch 12x8 inch  
30x15 inch 12x9 inch  
36x24 inch 12x10 inch  
  15x10 inch  
Vacuum / Butcher Bags 16x12 inch  
130x150mm 18x12 inch  
165x225mm 24x14 inch  
165x250mm 24x18 inch  
190x250mm 34x17 inch  
200x250mm 36x24 inch  
250x300mm Cello bags  
350x250mm P2 155x65mm  
300x165mm P4 145x75mm  
300x400mm P6 165x90mm  
300x450mm P8 180x100mm  
350x450mm P9 180x125mm  
370x550mm P10 190x115mm  
400x800mm P5 225x75mm  
  P12 205x135mm  
Paper Bags P14 215x150mm  
4oz 13x10cm P16 235x165mm  
8oz 15x11.5cm P18 255x180mm  
1W 19x16.5cm P36 280x205mm  
1F 18x14cm P19 180x90x25mm  
2W 19x20.5cm P20 150x100x50mm  
2F 23.5x16.5cm P22 180x100x50mm  
3F 23.5x20cm P23 205x100x50mm  
4F 25.5x24cm P24 230x100x50mm  
Long Sponge 33x29cm P25 260x100x50mm  
Square Sponge 29x29cm P26 290x125x50mm  
6F 32x24cm P28 280x125x50mm  
8F 32x27cm P29 280x125x75mm  
1SO 18.5x10x3.8cm    
2SO 23.5x10.5x6cm    
3SO 23.5x12.5x7.5cm Plastic Die cut bags  
4SO 28x12.5x7.5cm LD  
6SO 31.5x15x9cm Small 38x25.5cmPurple, white, pink, orange, lime, 
Single Bottle 38x10x3.8cmLarge 53.5x35.5x7.5cmYellow, black, gold, silver, blue
Double Bottle 56x15x9cm  Black with gold dot 
Gift Paper bags Small 37.5x25cmSilver, pink, turquoise, 
Paper Carry Large 47.5x35x5cmBlack with gold dot, green with gold dot
Bee Dee bags    
Baby 26.5x16x5cm Singlet Bags  
Small 34x26.5x14cmBrown & whiteSmall 400x200+100  
Medium 48x34x90cmTwist and rope handleMedium 480x240+120  
Large 50x45x12.5cm Large 540x300+150  
Boutique 35x45x12cm Extra Large 580x300+200  
  Super Jumbo 900x450+250  
Paper Pac    
1# Gift 16.5x9x4.7cm Garbage Bags  
Fold Handles Small tidy liner 450x530  
40# 28.5x20x10cmOrange, purple, limeMedium tidy liner 510x650  
80# 42x32x11cmturquoise, pink, yellowLarge tidy liner 570x710  
The petites Blue  900x740  
2# 16.5x14x7.5cmGold, silverBlue  950x810  
10# 26.x20x.11.5cmBlack, silverWhite Roll  900x740  
Portrait Rope handle Blue Roll 900x740  
Venice 21.5x18x8.5cmGloss gold, silverSuper Strong 50um 760x950  
Positano 19.5x25x7.5cm 1/2 Wiz bin line 900x1300  
  Wiz bin liner 1130x1470  
We are also the hunter supplier for Heavy Duty wiz bin liner 1130x1470 
Luv2Pak Extra heavy duty wiz bin liner 1130x1470 
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