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Party Product Range
Party Product Range                                                                           
Plates Standard Plastic       Plastic Cups    
5" Round Bowls       6oz / 180ml    
7" Round Bowls       7oz / 200ml    
7" Round Plates       8oz / 225ml    
9" Round Plates       10oz / 285ml    
10" Round Plates       12oz / 340ml    
11" Oval Plates       15oz / 425ml    
12" Oval Plates       Standard Wine Goblets    
Plates Premium Assorted Colour   Standard Wine Tasters    
7" Round Bowls       Deluxe Wine Glass    
7" Round Plates       Deluxe Martine Glass    
9" Round Plates       Deluxe Champaign Glass    
10" Round Plates       Shot Glass Fluoro    
12" Oval Plates       Table Covers Assorted Colours
Paper Plates       Table Cover Sheet Plastic    
6" Uncoated Plates       Table Cover Roll Plastic 30m    
7" Uncoated Plates       Table Cover Roll Paper  50m    
9" Uncoated Plates       Serviettes    
6" Coated Plates       1ply Lunch White    
7" Coated Plates       1ply Lunch Mid Colours    
9" Coated Plates       1ply Lunch Dark Colours    
Cutlery White Plastic       2ply Lunch White    
Standard Knife       2ply Lunch Mid Colours    
Standard Fork       2ply Lunch Dark Colours    
Standard Desert Spoon       2ply Lunch Black    
Standard Teaspoon       2ply Dinner White    
Spades       2ply Dinner Mid Colours    
Cutlery Deluxe Plastic       2ply Dinner Dark Colours    
Deluxe Knife       2ply Dinner Black     
Deluxe Fork       Quilted White    
Deluxe Desert Spoon       Quilted Mid Colours    
Catering       Quilted Dark Colours    
Platter's Black and White       Quilted Black    
Small        3ply Dinner White     
Medium       3ply Dinner Mid Colours    
Extra Large       3ply Dinner Dark Colours    
Turkey Platter       3ply Dinner Black    
Large Oval Compartment       Deekolin White     
Small Round Compartment       Cocktail White    
Large Compartment with lid       Cocktail Red    
Foil Platter Small       Cocktail Black    
Foil Platter Medium            
Foam Platters Small            
Foam Platters Medium            
Salad Bowls Black White and Clear          
Extra Large            
Frosted Bowl            
We stock a large range of foil containers        
Balloons        Wrappings    
Helium Bottle fills 100 Balloons Standard Colours       Coloured wrapping paper 50cm x 60m    
Standard Colours       Curling ribbon 5mmx450m    
Standard Colours Printed       Metallic curling ribbon    
Standard Colours       Tear Ribbon 30mmx91m    
Metallic Colours       Cellophane    
Metallic Colours       Cello roll 70cmx100m    
Party Decorations       Cello roll 70cmx300m    
Crepe Streamers mix colours       Cello roll 1mx500yd    
Paper Streamers Assorted colours      Cello sheets clear 50cmx70cm    
Party bubbles       Cello sheets clear 1mx1m    
Grass Picks       Cello sheets colour 50cmx70cm    
Garlands       Plastic Takeaway Containers   
Foil Large cut out numbers       R 08    
Foil Small cut out numbers       R 10    
Confetti       R 16    
Pinatas Assorted       R 20    
Pinata buster stick       R 25    
Pinata blind fold       R 30    
Pinata toys       R LID    
Party Poppers       C 500    
Party poppers       C 600    
Party pack deluxe for 10       C 700    
Party packs economy for 50       C 1000    
Party packs deluxe for 50       C LID    
Hawaiian Leis       Wrapping Films    
Hawaiian Leis       Cling Wrap 33cmx600m    
Party Hats       Cling Wrap 44cmx600m    
Foil birthday banners 1m       Foil All Purpose 33cmx150m    
Foil birthday banner 3.65m       Foil All Purpose 44cmx150m    
Paper banner       Foil Heavy Duty 44cmx150m    
Catering Accessories       Foil Extra Heavy Duty 44cmx150m  
Tooth pick cocktail            
Tooth pick double points            
tooth pick frilled 10cm            
Tooth pick frilled 7cm            
Individually wrapped tooth picks            
Skewers 15cm            
Skewers 20cm            
Skewers 25cm            
Mix nation flags            
Australia flags            
Steak marker flags            
Peacock fans            
Zoo animals cocktail            
Fruit Straws            
Cocktail forks Plastic white            
Cocktail forks Fluoro            
Cocktail forks wooden            
Swizzles Sticks assorted            
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